B-Tree (Austria)

B-Tree, planted in April 2013, represents the typical mixtures of a warm lowland forests of Austria. The effects of tree diversity on growth, water relations, rhizosphere diversity and C sequestration will be investigated.

The experiment in 2014

The full factorial design consists of monoculture plots and plots of 2 or 4 species. The planted 2-species mixtures will allow the comparison of blocks dominated by tree species associated with ectomycorrhizal fungi (Carpinus and Quercus) or arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Tilia and Acer). Each monoculture or species mixture is replicated 4 times. The trees are planted in a hexagonal design with 1 m distance between each tree, which will allow thinning after canopy closure.

design B-Tree
The plots at the B-Tree site

Site characteristics

location Tulln, Lower Austria
former land use grassland with trees
altitude 200 m
soil type moist chernozem
area 1.2 ha
no of plots 44
plot size
no of trees planted 11 000
planting date April 2013
diversity variables species richness
mycorrhizal type
diversity gradient 1, 2, 4 sp.
AM or EM fungi
size species pool 4
species pool Acer platanoides, Carpinus betulus, Quercus robur, Tilia cordata
contact person Douglas Godbold


Studies will focus on the effects of tree diversity on tree growth, water relations, rhizosphere diversity and C sequestration.

Extra information

For more information on the B-Tree experiment, send an e-mail to the contact persons or explore the publications:

  • Messier C, Bauhus J, Sousa-Silva R, Auge H, Baeten L, Barsoum N, Bruelheide H, Caldwell B, Cavender-Bares J, Dhiedt E, Eisenhauer N, Ganade G, Gravel D, Guillemot J, Hall JS, Hector A, Hérault B, Jactel H, Koricheva J, Kreft H, Mereu S, Muys B, Nock CA, Paquette A, Parker JD, Perring MP, Ponette Q, Potvin C, Reich PB, Scherer-Lorenzen M, Schnabel F, Verheyen K, Weih M, Wollni M, Zemp DC (2021) For the sake of resilience and multifunctionality, let's diversify planted forests! Conservation Letters e12829 - https://doi.org/10.1111/conl.12829