Application Trials

Application trials are managed at an operational scale for the forestry industry and provide added value for the knowledge transfer towards forest policy and management. They are designed with and for the stakeholders and forest managers and have a clear link with a TreeDivNet experiment. The map and table below give an overview of the application trials in TreeDivNet. Find out more about every application trial via the submenu above.

The different diversity variables studied are: species richness (SR), functional diversity (FD), genetic diversity (GD), phylogenetic diversity (PD), and eveness (EV). The TreeDivNet experiment to which the trial is linked to is given in the table below as well.

Application Trial Plant year Sites Plots Plot size (m2) Diversity Link to experiment
variables gradients
Agua Salud 2015 and 2016-17 4 285 432 Species identity None Agua Salud
Bessonne 2008 1 9 10 700 SR 1, 2 sp. IDENT
Eetbos 2020 1 6 805 SR, FD 12, 17 sp.
Lac-aux-Brochets 2007 1 36 600 SR 1, 2, 3 sp. IDENT
Lyster 2013 1 12 5 333 SR 1, 5, 6 sp. IDENT